Dexter Van Zile, the man without a soul

Brian Schrauger: Zionism on the internet at its worst?

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He calls himself a SOG for Smart Old Geek.  We call him L’enfant terrible.  No wonder the PA wants him gone.

Who told on Brian Schrauger? Revd. Stephen Sizer? Sami Awad? Munther Isaac? You?

This from Reverend . Could he be an “intl” who used the to deliver a threat?

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Kay Wilson Owen its pretty rough. It would be interesting to know if the likes of Sizer, Sami Awad, Salim Munayer or Munther Isaacs are behind this. Not to mention Gary Burch, ben white, jeremy moody, richard armbach…the mind boggles and no one will of course EVER admit to something so mischievous
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I once had a bout of diarrhoea that lasted longer than England’s World Cup! You?


This isn’t even about Zionism…unless IQ enters into it

No comment.


I’m moving to Nashville or anywhere that men where cowboy hats and play country music


Another CAMERA welfare recipient, Gidon Shaviv writes….

Palestinians not ashamed to speak for Israel


By Gidon Shaviv

Bethlehem (Flash 90)

Perspective has been required in the past to one of the most popular false claims audience anti – Israel, that the number of Christians in Israel in general and Bethlehem in particular, are dwindling because of any policy of the State of Israel. The fact that Israel is the only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is on the increase is not enough, apparently, to dispute this claim.


One of the most prominent agents in the distribution of this claim in recent years was the prestigious investigative program “60 Minutes”, which was broadcasting in April 2012 called “Christians in the Holy Land.” Program interviewed a number of Palestinian Christians and Arab – Israeli Christians, who accused Israel strung all the Christian population in cities identified with Christianity – Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth.


Program was very successful, if only because of the prestige of the brand “60 Minutes.” ‘Camera’ –   Nurse Association of Perspective U.S. – analyzed the episode in question , and showed him some problems. among other things, emphasized ‘CAMERA’ the growth of the Christian population in Israel and provided additional explanations why there has been a decline in the number of Christians in Bethlehem, in part because The ratio of Muslims to them. ‘CAMERA’ also puts her finger on a factual error serious in Plans – the claim that Bethlehem is surrounded on all sides by a barrier, ie completely cut off from its surroundings (the separation fence while attached to his birthplace of Jesus to the north and west, but there is no obstacle in the East and South).


Despite these repeated requests, the editors of “60 Minutes” has never apologized or issued a patch for their mistake.


Spirit of that episode of “60 Minutes” she surfaced in recent weeks following the publication of a re-Palestinian interviewees who appeared in it, Christy Henst Bethlehem. Program is asked how she deals with the situation where the separation fence around it from every direction. “It’s not easy,” she said. “But you get used to it, because you have no choice.”


Kristy’s house in – Bread (SW Estate)

In recent weeks, the Internet has raised Christi University Lecture transferred to Sweden, where she talks about the harsh treatment that her family has experienced Christian The population in Bethlehem by local Muslims. Among other things, she recounted how her uncle was killed after refusing to pay a “feesponsor “, which tend to pay Christians and Muslims, and how claims that the Palestinian legal system operates to deprive Christians of their land.


Although Christy tells the difficult situation in her home after the separation fence, but who was abruptly she notes that given the terror he was the Prime Minister of Israel also was building the fence.


Christie’s views led to her forced to leave Bethlehem and moved to the UK. According to her, after she began to spread opinions pro – Israel called her relatives and threatened that if you continue to speak for Israel, “I have shot, I have a gun and I’ll shoot your head. Playing with fire.”  Kristy says that won asylum in the UK in a few days because of the danger immediate cheeks.


Further claims that after publishing Christi video online, Bethlehem family began to receive threats of their own. According to the Palestinian news agency SW Estate , Christie’s family renounced her, denied the allegations that she was forced to flee from Bethlehem and claimed that Christie used by people who “offered to pay for her university studies.”


Although the lecture of Christie won great exposure on the network, the Israeli media (Hebrew) won the only story light exposure at night tube, Channel 10.


Full Kristy’s lecture also criticized for Israel; It is also not accurate in every detail.Nevertheless, the fact that one of the women interviewed in the article spoken of “60 Minutes” today provides a completely different version of what she told the program about the reality of Christians in Bethlehem, should stimulate the Editors investigative program estimated to re-examine what they tried to sell millions of viewers two years ago.






PM to Hagel: an ADL study found that in Gaza & the PA, the anti-Semitic incitement is the most prevalent on the planet. That hinders peace.


Balance? By definition, the occupation is the epitome of imbalance. What part of this does Margie not get?



We’re still laughing about this one….

It appears that  Mrs. Shitforbrains has lost all her Twitter accounts but this one, and she’s using it well…..


Palestinian society believed to be the most concentrated with anti-Semitism

Think they’re pissed off about something?


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