Dear Bishop Chartres and ABC Welby

David Singer and group



Jonny Hoffman’s back and his pants are already down around his ankles on day 1!  At least today he’s wearing pants which is more than what we can say for his cohort in crime, David Singer, who is still swanning around in a frock.  The Bethlehem Unwrapped festival over Christmas was great fun in itself and was a great success in highlighting some of the worst aspects of the illegal Israeli occupation of the West Bank.  It was not, however, half as much fun as the predicted reaction of the hasbarafia.  We haven’t seen them in a tiz like this since the FUCU disaster.  The funniest part of all is their narcissism in thinking they can cause the Rector of St. James church problems by putting what they seem to think is “pressure” on the church authorities.  But first, some background…. We have long known that the Australian blogger calling itself “Daphne Anson” is a femme de guerre of the aging Australian lawyer and rabid hasbarafioso, David Singer.  We are now able to explain the peculiar UK centricity of a blog supposedly based in Australia. In particular, why this Antipoedean blog is obsessed with the English Anglican priest, Rev. Stephen Sizer. A post appeared on Singer’s “Daphne Anson” blog advertising a ludicrous online petition targeting the ABC Welby, demanding that he take action to ensure there were no more “Israeli hate fests” at St. James, London.  This seems to have occurred in response to the Bishop of London’s firm but polite brush off to those writing to him in a similar vein.  While the target was Archbishop Welby, the author was none other than Jonathan Hoffman, as shown here:

PETITION: No More Israel Hatefests from St James Church Piccadilly London.

Posted on 07/01/2014 by  Please sign and please forward to it everyone on your mailing lists.
Apart from the reasons we know it is important. Read this from the Bishop of London. Bethlehem Untruth – Pathetic shameful response from Bishop of London:
Thank you for your message about the “Bethlehem Unwrapped” programme at St James’s, Piccadilly. I do not know whether you have had an opportunity to read the Vicar’s article which was published in The Guardian last Thursday. I think that you will see that far from stoking animosities, great care has been taken to respond to a specific request from the united churches of the Holy Land”
Yours sincerely. + Richard Londin The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Richard Chartres KCVO DD FSA Bishop of London

Now, some of you might think this is rather strange but in fact, it isn’t.  The reality is that the “Daphne Anson” blog is a cooperative enterprise of Hoffman and David Singer.   They share the same closet.  To understand the significance of this, you need to familiarise yourself with David Jonathan Hoffman.  You can do so here.  In short, Hoffman is a collaborator with the Muslim baiting far-right EDL and a homophobic ranter.  He’s also a liar, not a casual liar, but a systematic and habitual one.  He perhaps is most famous for his declaration “When I lie, I apologise”.  Equally significantly, he is the loudest mouth on the Board of Deputies Defence Division, responsible for the Stephen Sizer CDM disaster.  The “Daphne Anson” blog has in effect carried on the Sizer vendetta where the BoD, having got burned, left off.  Or has it left off?  Are the BoD using Hoffman to carry on their vendetta via “Anson’s” blog? An hour after we pointed out on our Facebook page that Hoffman was the author of this online petition, he removed his own name as author, and replaced it with “Pro-Truth About Israel”.   However, in typical Hoffman eejit fashion, he left his name as the first signatory.

No More Israel Hatefests from St James Church Piccadilly London

Online petitions always get Hoffman into trouble as can be seen here.  The “signatories” include many of Hoffman’s long standing old cronies such as Sharon “Jordan is Palestine” Klaff, Richard “he touched me” Millet, and, of course, Harvey “the Cabbie” Garfield, plus a good few jokers such as

Mr. Paddy Wagon, United Kingdom
Jan 06, 12:19
# 6


Dr. Madman Imadinnerjacket, Iran, Islamic Republic Of
Jan 08, 04:45
# 485
I’ll join the loons on this petition because Jonathan Hoffman asked me to sign
What is most incredible about all of this is that these people think that the Archbishop of Canterbury will be provoked into acting in opposition to his Bishop and his Priest by a bunch of Zio-Facist internet crazies.
It is not surprising that Stephen Sizer is chortling all the way to his pulpit.

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  1. Aussiedude says:

    Being a man named Harriet, did you discover this information at a cross-dressing convention?

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