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Kay Wilson is an Israeli, who some three years ago miraculously survived an experience so horrific it is almost impossible to imagine. She was hiking with her friend Kristine. They were set upon by two Palestinian terrorists. Kristine was brutally hacked to death and Kay sustained horrific, extensive injuries before being left for dead. Fortunately, Kay survived, albeit with life changing disabilities.

She talks and writes extensively and courageously about her experience and its aftermath. Unfortunately there are those, including, it would seem, the Board of Deputies and the broader hasbarafia, that are ever willing to exploit this willingness, and Kay herself, for their own perceived advantage.

In recent months we have noticed an increasing tendency on Kay’s part to place her experience in the service of the more extreme elements of the hasbarafia.

Now Kay has made an astonishing journey from the scene of her experience in Palestine, to Christ Church, Virginia Water, Surrey, England, and then to its Vicar, Revd. Stephen Sizer. You don’t need us to tell you that she didn’t make that journey unaided.

On January 15th there appeared a blog/op ed by Kay in the scurrilous Times of Israel. The first part is an attack on the hated Christ At The Checkpoint event. The second part is an incredible assault on Stephen Sizer, in which he becomes conflated with the unspeakables that cut and hacked her to within an inch of her life. She even puts words spoken by one of her attackers into the mouth of Stephen Sizer, just in case we hadn’t hitherto been paying attention.

Of course, the whole thing is, line by line, cram full of misinformation. This is not surprising when you consider where this “information” came from. That is, from Joey Weissman, he of Seismic Shock and Rosh Pina Project infamy. The same crazed Messianic, whom along with similars, James Mendelsohn and Nick Howard, the Board have habitually relied upon for “information” in their seemingly never ending vendetta against Stephen Sizer.

Now as we have said, Kay has written extensively about her experience. Her web site gives numerous links to articles concerning it. Nowhere is there any previous reference to Stephen Sizer. So what’s new? What is new is that Kay has fallen into the company of the snotty nosed internet freak Joey.

You may recall Joey Weissman as the obsessive who harassed Revd. Sizer, his family and his staff so badly that his only recourse was to call the police.  Coincidentally (?), Revd. Sizer’s home had been broken into, and a computer was stolen. You can read about Joey Weissman and the history of the hasbarafia’s vendetta here: http://wp.me/P3pxXH-2I

Joey has two all consuming hates. The Christ At The Checkpoint event and Stephen Sizer. The 2014 CATC is coming soon and Stephen Sizer is closely associated with it. This, together with his new friendship with the ever accommodating Kay, presented a unique opportunity. You won’t be surprised to learn that Joey’s blog, Rosh Pina Project, was immediately off the mark with news of, and extracts from, the Times of Israel article. Not far behind, was the racist cess-pit Harry’s Place (recommended by both the EDL and the Jewish Chronicle.) There quickly appeared on this sad, sick and sorry location, a cross post by “Kay Wilson”. This was simply a reproduction of the T of I article. Who led Kay to HP? Well, we can only point out that both Joey and Nick Howard have unfettered access to this outlet. We had so hoped that Joey had grown up enough since his “harass Stephen Sizer” days to fit the bill of his new role as an Israeli Embassy Press Officer, but it appears our hopes are for naught.

If we have learned anything from watching these freaks, it is that when Joey or Howard pops up, the Board and/or the Jewish Chronicle are never far away.

Sure enough, we made some hurried enquiries and up pops the name, Steven Jaffe. The nods and winks we received, make it clear that Kay had not only been collaborating with Joey, but also  with Jaffe, who, we are told spent time with her in Bethlehem.

Jaffe is joint Chair of Northern Ireland Friends of Israel. He is also a Board of Deputies employee. He is a very unpleasant character, to put it at its mildest. He is a great fan and exponent of the Humpty Dumpty formulation (a word means whatever I mean by it ), and therefore, never misses an opportunity to play the “you are anti-Semitic” card.  It has been suggested to us that the Board might well be using Jaffe to get around their agreement with Stephen Sizer. Plausible deniability.  He is not a deputy, still less a member of the Board executive. As an employee he can be claimed to be acting in a personal capacity, to be on “a frolic of his own”.

We’re certain that Jaffe’s involvement with the various Christian Zionist support groups of Israel, links him to Joey Weissman and his ilk. The popping up of Jaffe’s name and the BoD’s previous unscrupulous behaviour gives the idea credence.

When the Board hit upon the idea of taking the Methodist leadership to Israel to show them how “complicated” it all was, they had a bit of a problem. They had previously got very badly burned at the hands of their own rank and file deputies by proposing to visit Israel/Palestine with an itinerary not OK’d by their minders at the Israeli Embassy.

They got around this by sending an employee, Joseph Moses, who could be claimed not to be “the Board“ and by keeping very quiet about it all before, during, and after, until forced to refer to it by a question from the plenary floor by a suspicious deputy.

The ingenues of the Methodist leadership got the idea off to a bad start by announcing that they were going to Israel with “representatives of the Board of Deputies”. They were gently guided back to the Board “story“ and subsequent references were to “representatives of the Jewish community”.

The most disgraceful aspect of all of this is the cynical exploitation of Kay Wilson and her traumatic experiences by the hasbarafia, and the treating of her as one of their useful idiots.



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